New Music: We Are Enfant Terrible

The French trio, We are Enfant Terrible, are hitting the electro-pop scene with thrilling intensity. Passionate, unique, and obsessed with old-school video games, the three Lille natives are a dirty mixture of quirky awesomeness. Combining elements of electronic, indie rock, punk, and 8-bit noises, We are Enfant Terrible create a funky sound that everyone, from edgy hipster to candy raver, can vibe. The group consists of vocalist Clo Floret, Thomas Fourney on guitar, keys, and backup vocals, and drummer Cyril Debarge whose knack for producing Game-boy style music somehow seeps into every track. After the November release of their debut EP, “Thanks For The Fish,” We are Enfant Terrible immediately attracted worldwide attention. Their 8-bit crazy, sassy dance beats are simply infectious. Responding to the fever, the French trio released a pair of singles, “Wild Child” and “Flesh ‘n’ Blood Kids,” that are now being re-released on their upcoming debut, Explicit Pictures, set to drop on April 5th. Check out the video for their sexy new single, “Filthy Love” below.

We are Enfant Terrible’s “Filthy Love”:

Plus, check out their Myspace where you can download Filthy Love for FREE!

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