2011 Coachella Preview: Friday

It’s that time of year. The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is just around the corner and again promises to showcase a wide array of some of the hottest names in music. Grab the sunblock and prepare for a weekend of rhythmic bliss in the desert with Sour Grape.


Those three exclamation marks on the Coachella poster are not a mistake. !!! (Pronounced chik-chik-chik) is a New York City based dance punk band that produces disco jams with a rock flair. An eight piece band with affiliations to LCD Soundsystem, !!! has released four full length albums, including their 2010 release Strange Weather, Isn’t It?, a groovy yet guitar heavy record. The drugged-out electro-rock sound of !!! fits perfectly with Coachella vibes and reminds listeners of the weekend’s mission: Get weird.


Everyone loves an awesome collaboration, and we all foam at the mouth when our favorite musicians combine forces. So fans rejoiced to hear Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce of Bon Iver, Rhymsayers rapper P.O.S., as well as members of Megafaun, the Rosebuds, Solid Gold, and Leisure Birds have come together to form indie rock band Gayngs. The Minneapolis based supergroup consisting of 23 musicians produces slow-jam soft-rock that soothes the soul and warms the heart with smooth vocals and a slick saxophone. Their debut album Relayted is a unique release with a retro sound, but in a contemporary style that fuses soft rock with jazz and electronic influences. The leadoff track “The Gaudy Side of Town” is baby making music at its finest and should resonate beautifully throughout the Indio desert. An intimate late night set from Gayngs will be the show everyone will be talking about leaving the festival grounds on Friday night.


No act is coming into Coachella with more hype than Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. With over ten members of ages 19-23, the LA rap collective OFWGKTA has captivated the music scene seemingly overnight with crude lyrics and raw beats that affirm the group’s undeniable talent and ambition. Ringleader of the bizarre skate crew, Tyler, the Creator solidified his name as a future super producer after his self directed video for “Yonkers” racked up over a million hits on Youtube in a matter of weeks and received the endorsement of numerous music giants including Kanye West and Flying Lotus. Odd Future is arguably the hottest name in hip-hop right now after a string of wild performances full of high energy and constant stage diving. Let’s see how OFWGKTA handles the spotlight of Coachella.


After opening for names including Gayngs and the XX, Cameron Mesirow, otherwise known as Glasser, has landed a spot on the Coachella lineup.  By combining electronic, indie rock, and ethereal vocals, the LA native has created a chaotic yet controlled sound that festival attendees are sure to love. Her sound is similar to that of Fever Ray and Fiest, but with more pop influences. With a member of the Blue Man Group for a father, and the founder of new-wave group Human Sexual Response for a mother, Glasser’s musical talent is no surprise. In September of last year, the newcomer released her debut album, Ring, which has received ample attention. Riding waves of positive momentum, Glasser is poised for a breakout performance at Coachella.

One response to “2011 Coachella Preview: Friday

  1. So swag. Shits gonna be so tight. Love the article. Well written.

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