2011 Coachella Preview: Sunday

Ah the final day of Coachella. Relax and nurse your aching body under the sweltering sun one last time. As you catch full sets in favor of running around the festival grounds, remember to appreciate your surreal surroundings before the inevitable return to reality. Sour Grape has chosen a handful of diverse acts that will conclude the weekend in a harmonious fashion.

Kanye West

No one man should have all that power. Kanye West is now a full-fledged global superstar who controls the media in the palm of his hand. His latest release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, complete with a 35-minute film and an album cover so sexually graphic as to be banned in the U.S., has received widespread critical acclaim. Everyone from Pitchfork to Rolling Stone praised the ambition and flawless execution of his grandiose music. Nobody has progressed Hip-Hop music more in the last decade than the Chicago born rap mogul who commands the world’s attention without even trying. His colossal ego may be excessive at times, but it propels Mr. West to boundless heights. Society has something to say about his every word or act, and that will be especially true of his Coachella performance. Knowing that, it is safe to say Kanye West has prepared a show of epic proportions to close the festival.


Electronic music is a versatile genre that is not always designed to get asses shaking on the dance floor. Producing an atmospheric brand of electro intended for home listening, the Danish export Anders Trentemøller creates cinematic landscapes with minimal techno and a complexity of layers. Downtempo mood music is the expertise of the multi-instrumentalist, but his range of production from progressive house to glitchy techno have established Trentemoller as a force in the electronic world. His debut album The Last Resort is a haunting full-length record of gorgeous electro that displays the Danish producer’s indisputable talent and diversity. A live Trentemoller show with a full band will be a unique experience for those tuned in.

Ellie Goulding

UK songstress Ellie Goulding will leave her audience starry-eyed at her debut Coachella performance. The blond beauty blends folk and pop music, adding subtle electronic elements that carry the traditional female singer-songwriter act onto the dance floor. Just last month, Goulding released her debut full-length album, “Lights.” Her angelic voice hypnotizes listeners with tales of heartache and leaving home. But Goulding shouldn’t be too down about her departure. Ever since the 23-year old crossed the Atlantic to kick off her North American tour at SXSW Festival in April, American audiences have been hooked on the girl-next-door meets hipster style that Goulding rocks so well. Get there early. The Gobi tent will be packed with beautiful people eagerly waiting to witness Ellie heat up the desert!

Duck Sauce

Since becoming the youngest DJ to ever win the DMC DJ World Championship at age 15, Montreal born Alain Macklovitch aka A-Trak has translated his hip-hip turntablism to electronic dance music. Under the banner of his Fool’s Gold Records Label, A-Trak has recently recruited Armand Van Helden to create Duck Sauce. Sampling heavily from classic funk, the DJ duo is determined to bring disco back with addicting dance tracks. The summer hit “Barbara Streisand” is a catchy disco banger that will force a smile on those ravers who take this electronic music a bit too seriously.

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