New Music: Mansions on the Moon

Could it be, what I see, is a glimpse of the future? The indie electro group Mansions On The Moon asks this question on their debut mixtape “Paradise Falls,” and the folks at Sour Grape are wondering the same.

Formed a little over a year ago, the trio of Lane Shaw, Ben Hazlegrove, and Ted Wendler has created quite the buzz with their latest chillwave dance project Mansions On The Moon. Recording at studios in Atlanta and Virginia Beach, the group has already collaborated with industry tastemakers including Pharrell and Diplo to create an infectious sound of beautiful melodies over smooth electronic productions.

The band’s debut mixtape titled “Paradise Falls” includes original tracks as well as covers to showcase the group’s ability to transform any song into a Mansion On The Moon anthem with their own signature style. Although mellow electro tunes are the staples of Mansions On The Moon, the group dances over all sorts of electronic beats with ease. “She Makes Me Feel” is a gorgeous love ballad that places the raw talent and addictive sound of Mansions On The Moon on full display.

Mansions On The Moon are currently recording their debut album Lightyears in Los Angeles. Download their mixtape “Paradise Falls” for free on their website:

– Kirk Reed

One response to “New Music: Mansions on the Moon

  1. Mansions are very legitimate.

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