Listen: New Music From Flying Lotus

Although Stephen Ellison aka Flying Lotus has expressed his distaste for Soundcloud, the 27 year old Los Angeles based producer has recently uploaded several new tracks to his new Soundcloud page. Providing a glimpse into his new material, FlyLo continues to create grandioso electronic music that takes listeners on a sonic trip through the mind of a forward thinking artist. Beautiful spaced out noises trickle over deep gritty drums and heavy basslines to produce a one of a kind atmosphere only Flying Lotus inhabits. Remixes and new original music should feed craving fans until his next official release.

Also, make sure to download FlyLo’s 2 hour mix of classic gems titled “Lover’s Melt 2.” Free download of “Lover’s Melt 2” is available on Brainfeeder’s website.

Flying Lotus – Lullaby

Flying Lotus//Massive Attack//Vibeangel mix1

– Kirk Reed

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