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New Music: OverDoz

This is a very exciting time for rap. After years of over-saturation by mediocre lyrics over the same old beats, the hip-hop community has begun to support original music and creative personalities. With the emerging popularity of Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, and OFWGKTA, the beautiful  state of California has led the way. Now it’s only a matter of time before OverDoz get their shine.

The four members of the So Cal collective met and began writing music together in Modesto during the summer of 2008. Sleezy, Kent, Creamie, and Tube have since carved a unique lane for themselves in the hip-hip world through a slew of music videos that show the group’s wacky vibe and constantly stoned mindset. Their latest video directed by Calmatic for “Pasadena” follows the group’s late night booty call adventures through California. OverDoz is anything but normal with a weird sense of humor. And Sour Grape digs that. Check out their website, follow them on Twitter and get DESTED.

– Kirk Reed